“If the flower were to represent the civilization, then, the fragrance would be its culture. Indian culture is distinctive. The uniqueness of the dance in India lies in its freedom of expression, within the framework of tradition,
and that freedom is for us to cherish.”
– Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy

Silambam – Sydney,  School of Indian traditional Dance
ABN: 39678597022

Silambam-Sydney, is proud to work towards furthering the great traditional artform of India, Bharatanatyam, in Australia.

Aruna Gandhi, Founder-Director of Silambam-Sydney is a senior disciple of renowned guru Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy.

A talented performing artiste, choreographer and teacher, and internationally recognised for her outstanding merit, Aruna is a recipient of the ‘Distinguished Talent Visa’ from the Australian Government. She is also a resident-artist at ICE Hub, Parramatta.

Launched in May 2009, Silambam has an increasing following of students in the Liverpool area (South-West Sydney). Classes are offered here in the traditional Tanjore style of Bharatanatyam.

Besides the practice and theory of Bharatanatyam, Silambam also offers a holistic experience for a value-based and disciplined approach to life. The beautiful ambience and friendly atmosphere makes learning more enjoyable at Silambam.

Says Aruna:

“Bharatanatyam has been my passion for nearly three decades now. With the grace of God and the blessings of my revered guru Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy, am happy to share my experience with students keen on learning this divine art. I eagerly look forward to spread an awareness and to kindle an interest and appreciation for this beautiful traditional dance from India…”

An accomplished artiste, Aruna has showcased Bharatanatyam as a soloist and in collaborative works at various events in Sydney, including ‘The Calling’ at Sydney Festival (Jan.2014), ‘Lineage’ at Dance Bites Season, presented by FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatre(May 2013), ‘Nrityamalika’, presented by SIFAA at National Art Gallery, Canberra(April 2013), Macquarie University (Nov.2012), Parramasala (Nov.2012), Campbelltown Arts Centre (Oct 2012 and July 2009), Groundswell’s multicultural arts forum at Carriageworks (April2012), Seymour Centre and Hawker College, Canberra (June 2011) and at many other community events around Sydney. She presented a paper on Bharatanatyam at the Third Australasian Sanskrit conference jointly organised by University of Sydney and Australian Catholic University (July 2012).

Read more at:

Youtube: http://youtu.be/qtNForVY-yk

News story on SBS TV: http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/2247996900/Hindi:-Emerging-communities

Review in Sydney Morning Herald (May 2013):

Silambam-Sydney is a part of a world institution whose network is established in many other countries, by the senior students of Shree Bharatalaya.

The word Silambam in Tamil, was referred to as ‘Samu’ in Telugu, in the Sangita Saramruta of King Tulaja of Tanjore (1729-1735) indicating the practice of dance. It is the name by which Bharatanatyam was known, and the dance hall itself was called the ‘Silamba Koodam’ in the olden days.

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